Daily Surf Report - 1/10/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
“Don't be afraid to be amazing.” - Andy Offutt Irwin

Semi-sunny, semi-misty but magical with occasional crystal-like dew drops falling from the sky.  Plenty of orange and blue above as the sun is burning off the coastal overcast quickly today.  Temp is in at 50F and there is currently no wind.  Expecting mild temps and sunshine all day.  New WNW swell has picked up a notch and the buoys show good numbers.  A few rumblings occurring here in town with some bumpy bumps to ride even with the moring high tide.  Should fill in and remain clean if the weather holds.  Out going tide is good for the non-dawn patrol crew.  Longboards only today but they will work and ride.

CHANNEL: New dose of swell renews enthusiasm here today.  Still small and best on the longboard with the higher tide.  Lefts in the deep Channel go thigh to waist and have good shape.  A few inside rights that are dying out as the tide switches from high to low.  Seadrift has good bars and can take the higher tides.  Rights in that region are worth a look today as well.  Currently about 8-10 in the water.  Beautiful morning and day in store for all that venture to the beach today.  Tally Ho!  

PATCH:  Rolling waves spread out in the Patch.  Shifty but breaking and running almost waist high in size.  Inside at the Snags the rights are reeling and running towards shore at break-neck speed.  It is a wild ride on surfboard, boogie board or body surfing here today.  Throw caution to the wind here and watch out for rocks as the tide goes low.  Lineup contains 10 including SUPs and kayaks.

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