Daily Surf Report - 1/11/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“A good friend is a connection to life, a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”  - Lois Wyse

Dear Diary - 
I could hardly sleep last night, just filled with trepidation and anticipation for the new swell.  Woke in the dark and made my way to the beach.  I passed herds of deer in search of eats along the road.  This dry Winter has left them hungry and weak.  Skunks and porcupines forage together - you DO NOT want to cross their path.  Foxes flee to higher grounds.  Filled with hope and desire for a promising day on many levels.  Wondering if I'll see Andre B.  He of the slick haircut, buttoned down dress and Southern charm.  I hope the holidays have been good to him and that the New Year brings happiness and a victory for his beloved Saints.  WalterBT, dear friend, he of the candied beets and kale treats.  How can I ever repay his kindness?  He has summarily rejected my fig, brie and toast sandos and yet the breakfast burrito seems so common.  Maybe I can chip off some corners from my Ecuadorian crystal as an offering.  Jeff H - with his English accent and manners, yet worldly and business savvy enough to make the CONNECTIONS.  My SoCo friends PT Kook, Stephens and Ben - just seeing and greeting them makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  Everyone is at the beach today and I am full of joy.  

The ocean is full of swell with buoys readings of 9' @ 15sec intervals.  The weather is overcast and misty but there is NO wind and full on glassy ocean.  Temp is 50F.  Who knows or cares if the sun will come out - it is a surf day and it is on today.  Working now on the high tide and will only get better throughout the day.  It is filling up in town and in the water so get moving if you want a good place in the lineup.

CHANNEL:  New WNW swell fairly solid this morning.  No wind now and super glassy.  Onshore flow may be in the future but for now very rideable.  High tide conditions but rolling over the bars and breaking at both spots.  Lefts in the Channel go waist to chest high and reel towards shore.  Some rights working and sectioning here as well with the steeper angle.  Over at Seadrift the B-Train is running.  Weekend schedule is every 12-15 mins.  Pay your fare, take your ticket, grab a transfer and ride across to Stinson.  It is a one-way ride so paddle back and find your place in the crowd.  Drops go head high and waves are chest to shoulder.  Inside bend section has subway tunnel potential for the smaller wave craft.  Pull in to the dark and emerge unscathed.  Plenty to go around and enough for everyone today.  Should / could be shortboard-able on the lower tide later today.  Full on Nihilist/SUP convention as well.  Multiplying and migrating all over the region.  Animosity brews.  Take a stand, have a credo, believe in something. Make sure everyone plays nice and remember "sharing is caring."

PATCH:  A bit scattered but peaks that run waist high up to chest in size.  Lots of water moving around and rolling up the ramp, over the seawall as well.  Outside waves are at the meeting rock and rights are the call.  Inside Snags still a fun time with speed and whomping finishes on the sand.  Still surfable today if not perfect and good for the longer longboards.

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