Daily Surf Report - 1/27/2014

We will be closing early tonight, however we will open tomorrow morning at our usual time of 10AM.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“I have found that if you love life, life will love you back." - Arthur Rubinstein

Good Morning to all people of watery hopes and dreams! It's 50 degrees here in our little beach hamlet with overcast skies and no wind thus far. Predictions are calling for a 10/20% chance of rain fall this evening-through-tomorrow... here's hoping! The vibe in the water and parking lot harken back to that Mama's & Papa's tune, "Monday, Monday" as attendance today can be best described as sparse. I guess there are people out there that actually DO have jobs! There is still a bit of a bump in the ocean, so if you have the time, we have the surf.

CHANNEL: Waist-to-chest high yet again, HOWEVER it's looking a bit unorganized and section-y all over. The tide has already shifted gears and is now on it's way out and that means the lagoon is draining faster than the bank account of a Gambler's Anonymous dropout in Vegas. You could give it a try but if you don't have very good ocean knowledge and not what one would describe as a good paddler.... well, I hear that the Farallon Islands are beautiful this time of year. No one at the Channel as I write this.

PATCH: Waist (+/-) over the very middle of the Patch. No outside. No Snags. No Green/Africa et al. What does saunter along through here though is a pretty little emerald that can go right and/or left depending on it's mood. Eight (8) of the regular and irregular retiree's on logs and janitor equipment doing what they do.

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