Daily Surf Report - 1/28/2014

We will be closing early tonight but will re-open tomorrow at our usual time of 10AM.

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." - Albert Einstein

Good day to all of you creatures of Briney interests! It's a decidedly overcast day here at the beach with the temperature billowing in at a steady 54 degrees and no wind as of yet. The weather report is still calling for a (very) slight chance of precipitation here in the North bay (about a 1/4 inch...) and we'll take anything we can get. Again, here's hoping. 
The tide is extremely high this morning and there is a lot of flotsam circulating in the drink. Now, the sobering part of my missive this 'morn; with this enormous tide, floating debris and pilings from years gone by showing prominently I urge anyone who reads this to USE GOOD JUDGEMENT! Put your ego aside. Even though there are lines developing thinker than Martin Scorsese's eye brows, nothing is really breaking. I really don't care if you drove all the way from Nebraska... conditions like today require quite a bit more waterman skills than the weekend warrior abilities that are prevalent here today do not possess. Besides, those of us with the water skills wouldn't go into this muck. DO NOT drive into the parking lot, get out of your yellow Exterra sporting a 'No Fear' sweat shirt and begin to suit up and then run for the boat ramp. No. Calmly walk down to the sea wall and STUDY the surf for at least 10 minutes (15/20 minutes is better) BEFORE you don the rubber and go out pretending to be Smelly Skater. Just saying...

CHANNEL: As stated above, thick lines are rolling in BUT nothing is really breaking clean. Chest high white water is making it look more like Snake River than the Channel. Unless you're Evil Kenivel (look it up) and you're planning on jumping the Channel on your star-spangled Harley, I'd suggest to wait for the tide change. Two (2) short boarders who came in at the Sea Drift side are not really surfing but just fighting to stay in position. Enjoy your salt water milkshakes, fellas.

PATCH: Big lines, no waves. Later with the tide change this could be the spot. Right now it's just a dangerous walk across unburied pilings and such that I haven't seen in years coupled with huge shore pounders that are igniting well over the walls! One (1) humanoid attempting to make the trek. Good luck.

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