Daily Surf Report - 1/31/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“We shall find peace. We shall hear angels. We shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.” - W. Anton Chekov

Back to beautiful again today.  Sunshine, crispy at 44F but warming nicely.  Some ground fog in the valleys - good for coyotes and rabbits.  No wind, smooth ocean and a less harrowing entrance and exit at this time as well.  Still lots of tidal movement today with extreme highs and low lows but an easing swell not causing as much ramp surf as the past few days.  Small but rideable surf today in both spots and a generally nice beach day for a Friday at the end of January!

CHANNEL:  Sandbars have shifted a bit after all the big swellular activity of the past week.  Still have a left running off the Groin bar but looking like a split peak with rights working as well.  Size up to waist high and the longboarders in the water are wearing smiles and sunscreen on their faces.  Peak high tide pushed back to late morning when it gets fat and will shut down.  Early is the best call today.  Bring a positive attitude and a big board and you will be rewarded with total consciousness.  A couple of Seadrift waves worth exploring on the incoming tide as well.  Venture out of your normal comfort zone and discover something new about yourself today.

PATCH: Working mostly middle to the inside Snags.  Incoming tide will help with some push and extra water to cover up rocks.  SUPs and logs on it alredy and size is thigh high +.  Short and sweet rides but shape is nice and weather is amazing.  Will really soften up at the late morning peak high tide but working now so get on it.   

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