Daily Surf Report - 2/1/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it.” - Richard David Bach

Welcome to February.  Still sunny, dry and beautiful.  A bit chilly this morning with frosty fields sparkling like CRYSTALS.  Currently 42F but full sunshine, no wind and will warm up exceptionally for this time of year.  A fine day to be on the water with just small surf to ride today.  Mostly swell residue as things fade to black before starting again.  Still a few lumps and bumps that will break and if you ride a longboard you will find some to your liking.  Spread positivity in your wake and you will be rewarded on the other side. 

CHANNEL:  Piecemeal peaks with small surf in the thigh high + range.  A few lefts and a few rights gurgling across the bars this morning.  It is glorious weather and the ocean surface is smooth and glassy - just not much swell to be had.  Tide is filling in big time and will suck out even more later today so plan wisely and remember if you get here at noon you will have picked the exact worst time to try and surf as the tide will be too high and the swell is too small. Still something out there for your longboard and there are 10 in the water scattered about. 


PATCH: Small and maybe worth a dip.  Empty lineup but a few inside waves rear up, fold over and break in the calf to knee high size.  Not pumping by any means but those in the know and those with big boards and those that like glide may just find a diamond in the rough here today.  Or at least a crystal in the sand.  More time and tide could help or hurt - not sure on that today.  Much later there will be less than zero water so good for rock picking and treasure hunting into the evening.  Make the best of a beautiful day and rock on.  

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:01 am 1.5'

HIGH: 12:15 pm 6.5'

LOW: 6:31 pm -0.7'

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