Daily Surf Report - 6/12/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“True humility is being able to accept criticisms as graciously as we accept compliments.” - Sabrina Newby

Sun is out!  Rejoice in all the wonder, glory, goodness and vitamin D!

We start again with coastal cloudiness but not as windy as in the past.  No sun yet the temp is up to 56F.  Possible clearing in that later part of the day but for now just morning calm prevails.  Not much swell and plenty of tidal swing today.  It truly is a CRYSTAL conundrum.  Just small NW windswell and the meager SW groundswell that can combo up for a ride or two.  Not epic but a day at least to check it and maybe get wet. 

CHANNEL:  Supremely negative early morning low tide is marching back in.  The push helps but it is fairly well a choppy / sloppy situation in the Channel with surf nearly knee high.  Empty lineup speaks volumes but a bit more water could help out on the inner bars.  Seadrift experiencing the same activity and more water will improve things here as well.  For now it is a wait and see morning. 

PATCH:  Super smooth and nearly flat.  There is however a small pod of surfers sitting way outside past the meeting rock.  They are either planning big things or waiting for the SW set waves to appear.  I saw none of the latter but wishful thinking and positivity goes a long way on many surf days.  Grab the biggest board you have and join the party.  Tell them the shop sent you out to investigate the goodness. Ankle high.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 5:36 am -1.2'

HIGH: 12:46 pm 4.6'

LOW: 5:16 pm 2.4'

HIGH: 11:34 pm 6.6' 

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