Daily Surf Report - 6/13/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Being rich of heart makes you wealthy beyond compare.” - Rodney Williams

Starting a new streak with 2 days of morning sunshine and no wind to start the day.  A good trend to have and starting to feel like summer.  Clear skies and temps up into the 70s expected for the future.  For now we start at 55F and a beautiful Friday morning.  Still just moderate surf conditions but a bit of NW wind-swell and a fading S swell can unite in crystal harmony and produce rideable waves for your surfing enjoyment.  Full moon crystal charging is FREE today so take full advantage.  It is also a spectacular beach day so throw on the neoprene and the sunscreen and find your way out. 

CHANNEL:  Low tide choppiness and exposed sand bar type of morning.  If there ever was a day that needed more water this is it.  Churned surface that is not currently surfable - likely won't stop a few from trying.  Allow the crystals to guide and head north to the Patch for now.  Try later in the Channel and winds should remain light and water levels need a few hours to reach optimum flux capacity.

PATCH:  Rock pickers' delight with one of the lowest negative tides of the year just starting to fill in.  If you lost a fin in the Patch a few years back you may be able to find it today.  If you want to see what lays beneath the ocean surface and causes waves to break you can do that as well.  If you want to explore crustacean lifestyle in all the wonder and glory that is available as well.  If you want to suit up and paddle out you best have a very long board and if so way way outside past he meeting rock the S swell pulses will appear like magic.  Take advantage and savor the sweet little gems as there are just a few to partake of on this low tide morning.  Size rears in at knee to thigh yet they will provide the glide your morning needs to get off on a good note.  Saddle up and ride.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:19 am -1.5'

HIGH: 1:33 pm 4.8'

LOW: 6:06 pm 2.4'

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