Daily Surf Report - 6/14/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Success is focusing the full power of all you are on what you have a burning desire to achieve.” - Wilferd A. Peterson

Yes the crystals are charged, cleansed and at full power again.  Yes we are ready for greatness today.  The perceived perception is a skewed reality and when WWF heroes start kicking down closet doors the world is turned on its ear and somehow everything feels - RIGHT.  Ours is not to question WHY just to listen, learn and inspire.  We start the morning with a sky full of sun and nary a breath of wind.  Temp is 53F and mid 70s are a lock for the afternoon.  A new dose of NW windswell and a SW swell will have combo effects if the energy is positive and focused.  Below shallow morning tide level in play at the moment so expect better surf as the tide fills in and gives that extra push.  Point your crystals to the West and ask Mother Ocean to deliver the goods.  We've got room on the Crazy Train if you are so inclined to hop aboard.

CHANNEL:  Exploration is the key word of the day.  Play Ponce de Leon and navigate your way from Bolinas to Stinson traveling only on the exposed sandbars.  It is possible so make a game of it as the bottomless tide hits the low point.  Nothing doing here wave wise and the sand is higher than the water and that is not good for surfing.  Incoming tide delivered rights to ride and lefts to flow yesterday with size going near waist high.  Just give it time and think positive thoughts.  A beautiful morning to get lost then find your way back to a new reality.  Surfing is possible but only later in the day.  Try wait.  

PATCH:  See Atlantis as the watery curtain has been pulled back and ALL rocks are fully exposed.  Not a sight to witness lightly and surf here is less then sporadic at the moment.  Way out beyond the meeting rock and on the way to Greene Afrika the S pulses every so often.  Not sure how rideable a wave it represents but 1 surfer is on the way out to sample.  Lots more water is the morning need here and until it fills in there are more worthwhile endeavors to undertake.  Try later.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 7:04 am -1.6'

HIGH: 2:20 pm 5.0'

LOW: 6:59 pm 2.4'

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