Daily Surf Report - 6/28/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Believe in your dreams and they may come true; believe in yourself and they will come true.” - Unknown

Minimally magnificent morning.  Glassy, gleaming and geared for greatness.  Find your path of inspiration and follow it to your dreams.  Let nothing stand in your way and never ask WHY? It is all out there for the taking today as we start with sunny skies and light offshore puffs.  Temp 57F and rising due to high pressure weather system.  Expect warmth.  Whipped windswell and SW swell combo-ing up to create longboard waves.  You'll need some more water to fill in to really make a day of it but tides are on the march IN and water levels throughout the majority of the day become favorable.  Is it a surf day?  If you want it to be it is.  Please let us know your results.

CHANNEL:  Negative low tide just starting the turnaround and heading back in.  Exposed bars and chopped up surface should start to smooth out as the water levels rise.  Very beautiful weather and the bars have settled and are set for glory and ready to strut their stuff.  For now just knee high wave parts that give enough to make a quick drop and go but provide little surface area to glide.  This will change by late morning and into the afternoon as will the crowd which is currently nil.  Find your inner stoke and let it loose on the world today.

PATCH:  Listless and low tide as things have bottomed out and are in a state of lull.  Inertia will get things moving back in a positive direction and the good vibes will flow again.  South swell efforts being made well outside past the meeting rock and further N in the Green/Africa exploration regions.  Inside Snag rights will require more water and therefore some time to get going and for now nearly flat overall.  Has shown itself and delivered thigh high + waves and should later today but for now No Water = No Waves.  Simple math and not rocket science.  Keep one eye open for improvement, one eye keen for rocks and your third eye open of new energy.  Empty lineup.

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 6:59 am -0.6'

HIGH: 2:17 pm 4.8'

LOW: 6:55 pm 2.7'

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