Daily Surf Report - 6/6/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“What is defeat? Nothing but education; nothing but the first step to something better.” - Wendell Phillips

Magically misty and overcast morning.  S winds and chopped ocean.  Temp slinks in at 55F.  Can you dig it?  I know the calendar says June but early Spring conditions prevail right now.  Generally dismal conditions today but remain optimistic and keep the clear crystal vibes flowing towards positivity.  Close your eyes and listen to birds chirp and the calmness that prevails in the air.  Each day has beauty if you look closely.  That being said just NW windswell and very weak S swell in the water and the winds are not favorable.  Tides are good and if a big change happens you will have plenty of water covering the bottom and waves will magically start marching in but for now small and sloppy. 

CHANNEL:  Pieces and parts of surf and the mid-Channel bars are picking it up a bit.  Not shapely or sizeable but enough to get you on your feet and maybe surf it a bit.  Knee to thigh high and grumpy waves that want less wind and more swell.  For now this is the spot with the most potential and while the lineup remains empty I know there will be takers soon.  A clearing weather trend is coming and the winds may die off later today.  Get it or not but today may be the day to find that new summer longboard in our racks. 

PATCH:  Slappy and droopy with nothing surf related to discuss.  The fishermen have moved in this direction and that is somewhat noteworthy.  There is plenty of sand moved back on the beach here.  There are no waves currently here except for the one double over barnacle grinder I saw earlier.

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 6:25 am 3.6'

LOW: 12:23 pm 1.2'

HIGH: 7:31 pm 5.1' 

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