Daily Surf Report - 6/7/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“You bring out the best in yourself by looking for the best in others.” - Gene Bedley

Slow for foxes!  Spring pups are out frolicking and it is their world not ours to inhabit.  Slow it down and soak it in.  Look around and absorb the natural beauty that surrounds.  Shut your eyes and mouth and listen to the sounds of nature.  Show your appreciation every day.  Coastal cloudiness and beach overcast that is expected to burn off and give way to a CRYSTAL clear day full of promise and magic. Temp is in at 55F and again some morning S winds.  These have been slacking off throughout the day and glassing in the evening.  Yewwww.  NW windswell up a few ticks and small S swell holding steady.  Mostly humble morning conditions for surfing but there is hope in the water and in my meager heart.  Fairly typical regional Spring conditions but possible combo waves later in the day with less wind as water levels remain good.  

CHANNEL:  Taking in the NW windswell a bit but still mumbled and jumbled surf.  Lightly textured ocean surface with a few rollers breaking in the thigh high size range.  Still a pieces and parts kind of day with waves that break an crumble in both directions.  You can get a longboard moving today and if the weather clears early and the wind dies off and the swell picks up I would naturally expect this spot to fire.  For now and empty lineup but the weekender crew are getting suits on and heading over.  


PATCH:  Small and somewhat reasonable to look at, stare out, hope about and imagine the waves that could and will be - but not right now.  A bit textured with the S wind and occasional small waves in the ankle to knee realm.  Evening glass off conditions last nite but for now NO.  Try wait.

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 7:46 am 3.6'

LOW: 1:15 pm 1.5'

HIGH: 8:09 pm 5.4' 

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