Daily Surf Report - 7/2/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“Bring your positive energy and the day will follow" - Sam "The Young Buck" Jepson

Another dreary morning as we all start to slowly crawl out of bed reaching for that ritualistic cup of warm, caffeinated liquid. The fog is heavy and low set as the heat streak of last week has official left the area. It's a cool 56F this morning and if yesterday was any indicator, it won't be getting above 65F anytime today. With a small 1ft WNW  combined wind and ground swell, not much is making it's way around the Duxbury reef. With the tide still going out, today is one of those days where it is better to sleep in and show up late, if at all. The key for today is to WAIT  for the tide to shift and then decide from there.

CHANNEL:   Once again, as is the norm for a low tide as of late, all of the sandbars are exposed turning any sort of rideable wave into shore break. As of now there is one peak in the middle channel that looks as if it is lining up a bit, but crashing over inches of water in the ankle high range. One SUP and two logs heading out to give it their all.

PATCH:   There is very little water moving this morning. Slight bumps are rolling from the meeting rock and not quite breaking till reaching the dry skags on the inside. More water needs to fill in here before anything rideable forms. Once again the key word is Wait!

Respect the Beach.


LOW: 9:17 am 0.3'

HIGH: 4:33 pm 5.0'

LOW: 10:08 pm 2.5'

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