Daily Surf Report - 7/3/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
“Sometimes it's not the strength but gentleness that cracks the hardest shells." - Richard Paul Evans

Overcast and calm as glassy-ness prevails.  No wind to speak of and the temp is 57F.  Sun has been appearing late in the day and we expect another encore performance again today.  Hints, whispers, rumor and innuendo about a new S swell percolate through the air but nothing showing itself as of yet.  For now leftovers from NW windswell and decaying S swell are what we have to enjoy.  Fear not for today brings another opportunity for greatness and enlightenment.  Set your sights high and achieve ALL that you desire.  Put on your suit and strap your feet to your board.  Explore new terrain and never look back.  The surf will find you if you choose to seek.  

CHANNEL:   Low tide and still dropping.  Chopped and diced as the water pulls back over the exposing bars.  Still some NW windswell showing itself but mostly in the Channel proper in the deeper water.  A few chunks to ride and going right or left is truly your personal choice.  Mali-Bo has potential but may need to wait for the tide turnaround to really show improvement.  It is surfable and many will make the effort.  Success is in the eye of the beholder and I spy good vibes on the horizon.  Size overall looks to be thigh to waist high. 

PATCH:   Tide dropping but not too low today.  Still enough water make things happen here and if the S swell hits this will be the spot.  For now super smooth an the occasional rideable bump mostly inside around the Snags.  A small rolling right in the knee high ++ range but goodness for your log today.  Rocks are exposing but many will remain covered and lurking.  Patience and a keen eye will be rewarded today.

Respect the Beach.


HIGH: 3:35 am 4.4'

LOW: 9:56 am 0.7'

HIGH: 5:10 pm 5.1'

LOW: 11:09 pm 2.3' 

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