Daily Surf Report - 8/10/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"Hearts rebuilt from hope resurrect dreams killed by hate." -  Aberjhani

Ahwoo!! Werewolves of Bolinas are prowling the mesa as weekend warriors head out this morning. The full moon will be upon us tonight and the tides are surging in greeting. With the werewolves has come the fog and mist making this full moon an ominous one as air temps are at 58F and the wind is soft. As for the surf, there are still remnants of the SW swell and a bit of NW still pushing through. The tide is super low, but should improve along with the surf throughout the morning. For now, come grab a cup of joe and mind surf till you feel ready to jump in, but be wary of those full moon fevered creatures.

CHANNEL: Gliding, sliding, and riding are all in store here this morning as small waves roll in at the knee plus range. Not a whole lot of water but waves are breaking in front of the groin pole as of now with two guys out. In the channel and over to the seadrift, not much is happening other than some ankle biters crashing onto the sand. Some low tide choppiness is occurring, but with more water later in the morning expect it to clean up and for the waves to bump up a bit as well.
PATCH:   A crowd is forming, fighting off the seagull hordes as small little peelers are rolling around with small surges of the dwindling S swell in the knee high range. All rocks are exposed as of now, but are slowly getting covered over as the tide is making it's way in. A little bit more water and bit more time and this spot may be going off later today.

Respect the Beach


LOW:  5:38 am   -1.0'

HIGH:  12:37 pm   5.5'

LOW:  5:40 pm   1.8'

HIGH: 11:59 pm   6.9'

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