Daily Surf Report - 8/9/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"Your present circumstances don’t determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start." - Nido Qubein

Dive bombing bats greet the dawn patrollers as they try to suck blood and get my crystals.  Fat full moon coming and all creatures of the night rejoice.  Get ready for greatness and power this weekend as the moon rays are large and in charge.  Weather is clear, calm and 57F.  Sun and warmth scheduled for later in the day - guaranteed.  SW swell eases back but continues to combo with a decent NW windswell.  Super low tide but a notch up in energy level this morning.  Smoothness on the water and things are starting to get thick as the parking spots dwindle.  A cup of coffee and more tide may set the world on fire today, or at least help the waves improve.  For now rideable in both spots and longboards work best.  Good tide levels from mid morning on and should be surfable into the night.  

CHANNEL:  Pesky, pitchy, grinding cylinders exploding in no water this morning.  Mind the pressure drop into the sand and pick your wave wisely.  Don't try to put the square peg in the round hole.  Size runs thigh high plus and waves at the Groin pole and a bit north have more water beneath them for smoothness and easy take offs.  Over in the Channel mini-barrels to mind surf but hard to get the big board to fit into the pocket.  Something smaller board-wise could work today and more water here will help the overall situation.  Seadrift has working rights that go waist high and better.  Low tide chopping up the sections but there are waves out there and corners to be had here and there.  

PATCH:  Intrepid exploration out to Green Afrika will yield a bounty of riches and waves as well.  The Pelican crew is on it with SUPs and the S swell is showing here with waves that are waist high.  The southern Patch region has lots of rocks showing but now starting to get covered up.  Periodic pulses from the S swell are felt and the waves that do break are waist high and smooth with the capacity to carry you towards shore.  Most of the breaking waves are inside at the Snags and are thigh high and rock navigation is required.  Let the pinnipeds guide the way as they know best.  Needs time and more water to get working and later morning through the rest of the day has good aquatic levels.  Surfable now and uncrowded.  

Respect the Beach


LOW:  4:54 am   -0.9'

HIGH:  11:57 am   5.2'

LOW:  4:48 pm   2.1'

HIGH: 11:06 pm   6.9'

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