Daily Surf Report - 8/8/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past." - Thomas Jefferson

Overcast morning with no wind and fishing boats lining the horizon - surfers' delight weather.  Hints of blue at the Marin mountain tops as a precursor for a beautiful day.  Temp now 58F and very calm and quiet.  NW windswell remains in effect and a few S swell pulses can be detected although not frequently.  Watch the gracefulness of the Pelican,  hear the chirpy chatter of the morning crew, line yourself up according to Russ' instructions, learn how the world unfolds through another's eyes.  Low tide morning but coming back in full force now.  More water will help conditions but there are rideable waves if you have a longboard today.  Jump in - the water is warm and the vibes are always positive. 

CHANNEL:  Small and smooth waves in the thigh high to waist high range this morning.  Clean lefts straight out from the Groin pole that hold shape and roll along.  Hairpin turn to connect with the Mail-Bo rights but the opportunity is there and one must seize it.   Incoming tide lending a helping hand and sending those in the know over to Seadrift for rights and lefts and the SUPs over to the Patch.  Everything has its place.  There is something for everyone today if you are open and aware of the possibilities.  

PATCH:  Needs time and water to get working but S swell pulses were seen and felt last night on the higher tide.  Late morning through the rest of the day has good water levels and smooth rights can be had.  Now just knee to thigh high but rideable amongst a few exposed rocks.  Plenty to explore and few waves to boot.  Get it now and get it later for the double session feeling of pure joy. 

Respect the Beach


LOW:  4:07 am   -0.6'

HIGH:  11:15 am   4.8'

LOW:  3:54 pm   2.4'

HIGH: 10:13 pm   6.8'

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