Daily Surf Report - 8/13/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end." -  Ernest Hemingway

Spray-Painted "Lords" Board lost near the patch. If found please contact the shop. (415) 868-0264

It's a beautiful morning as we start our mid week grind. A grey cloud bank is sitting high above the mesa as air temps are in the low 60s and the sun is already breaking through on the horizon above the city by the bay. From atop the overlook, the view is clear and serene as fishing boats litter the horizon amongst the corduroy lines that are making their way into Bo. With a solid 2-3ft W swell coming in throughout the day and light W winds, expect some fun surf and fairly clean conditions. As of right now the tide is a bit low, but waves are still breaking in the knee high range. With more water later this morning and into the afternoon the size should improve into a hopeful waist high range and maybe waist plus on the sets. Bring your logs and fishes out today and see whats in store.  

CHANNEL:    Some little ankle-knee high rollers are coming through over on the Seadrift side as two guys are trying their luck at the low tide. Not much breaking as of yet in the middle channel and groin, but that should change throughout the morning. Wait for the tide and find some gems later today.
PATCH:    Knee high plus sets are rolling through and barely breaking out by the meeting rock with no one out. Inside Snags is peeling through as well as of now. With the incoming tide, expect those lines on the horizon to start breaking more and more in the knee to thigh plus range. Bring a log and hang ten on these little peelers later today.

Respect the Beach

HIGH: 1:47 am  6.2'

LOW:  7:51 am   -0.1'

HIGH:  2:39 pm   6.1'

LOW:  8:24 pm   1.0'

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