Daily Surf Report - 8/22/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
"The power of imagination makes us infinite." - John Muir

Overcast with high cloud cover but no rain, mist or drizzle.  Sun came out yesterday and warmed things up to nearly 70.  Expect more of the same today with sunshine by early afternoon.  Now light S winds chopping the ocean surface up a bit.  Temp is 60F and the positive possibilities are endless.  Swell activity remains consistent with NW windswell and a steep S swell combo in play.  Current swell angle and tide are sub-optimal for epic results but there are a few in the water now riding the small stuff that is being offered up.  

CHANNEL:  Groin corners have thigh high or better waves to ride at the present moment.  A bit ripped up and choppy in the Channel but the incoming tide push starting to show a little at Mali-Bo.  Time and more water will help this environment flourish.  Now just bits and pieces but waves are available.  A couple of logs and SUPs interacting here with mixed results.  

PATCH:  Not smooth but has small waves.  S pulses being observed in the thigh high realm of reality.  A bit of wind on it keeping things not so glassy yet drawing a few surfers out to sample the wares.  Bring a big chop-cutter longboard and power through the early morning wobble to find nirvana on a wave. 

Respect the Beach


LOW:  4:28 am   0.2'

HIGH:  11:26 am   4.9'

LOW:  4:19 pm   2.4'

HIGH:  10:22 pm   5.9'

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