Daily Surf Report - 8/23/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
"It is always overhead when your are prone." - PeePaw Piper

Overcast and calm in the early morning.  No chance for the sun to shine yet but it will appear and cast a glow later today.  Expect moderate temps up to 70s or better.  Now 61F and light puffs of S wind but an overall smooth ocean with some energy and juice this morning.  Something has got the surf kicked up this morning.  Buoys still showing a slightly larger NW windswell and the steep S swell.  Combo angles may just be coalescing over Bolinas today as there are plenty of waves to ride and glide upon.  Some stuff not for amateurs so be prepared to show your surfer card to anyone with and inquiring mind.    

CHANNEL:  Reeling, dealing, peeling and squealing.  Consistently waist high or better with the incoming tide giving that little extra push.  Water levels are low but the waves power through un-impeded.  Lefts are holding shape in the Channel and connecting through at the Groin bar.  Slight wrinkle to navigate and the inside corners are perfect for paipos and body surfing.  Water is warm and a few waves are actually pitching.  Best waves going nearly shoulder high.  Longboards are working.  Eggs off all varieties will score as well - scrambled, fried, over easy or sunny side up.  Fish can manage too - salmon, halibut, rock cod and stripers will make easy work of the inside lefts.  Overall fun morning surf that should stick around and adjust with the tides. 

PATCH:  Well outside is where it begins.  Green Afrika and beyond if the current group of surfers are any indicator.  New continents being explored by the intrepid few way out past the meeting rock.  Peaks abound in the region mid-way and starting to work inside, and size flows from thigh high to almost chest.  Relatively smooth ocean surface and everyone is spread out all over.  Looks like long rides can be had and lots of paddling required to make your way back out.  Good stuff on the right board. 

Respect the Beach


LOW:  5:03 am   0.2'

HIGH:  11:58 am   5.0'

LOW:  4:59 pm   2.3'

HIGH:  11:02 pm   5.9'

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