Daily Surf Report - 8/28/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:
"I'm like a walkin' razor, don't watch my size, I'm dangerous, yeah dangerous." - Peter Tosh

Macking combo of S / SW and NW swells continues to pound Bolinas.  Could be considered EPIC - it is at least very big and overhead in most spots.  Some sets close out the beach and some waves pitch, fire, hold up and reel towards shore.  A true combo of everything Mother Ocean can throw at you today.  Overcast, 61F and no wind to help keep things smooth.  Should end up being a sun and surf spectacular later today.  Rabid surfers frothing to get in the water and all parking spots filling up.  Crowd of wall jockeys as well just to watch the spectacle in the water.  Not a day for amateurs or beginners and the corners are best for clean rides.

CHANNEL: Head high + sets as the swell remains solid and in charge this morning.  Deep outside in the Channel and well beyond the Groin pole has surf breaking and rideable for any board or plank you desire.  Inside corner lefts are smaller at shoulder high + but have good shape and enough water to make turns and rip on.  Most are big drops, a turn and closeout but those that hold are are very surfable today.  Crowded but spread out with lots of water moving around and tide hitting low.  Know your ability levels and find a place in the lineup that suits your desires. 

PATCH: Scattered and sizeable at chest high with waves all over breaking and some actually being ridden.  Lots of tide pull sending surfers out and S to areas well out in front of the boat ramp.  More water should help clean it up a bit but for now there is surf here for most boards but not super clean.  More manageable conditions and better suited for beginners today. 

Respect the Beach


LOW:  7:31 am   1.1'

HIGH:  2:13 pm   5.4'

LOW:  8:01 pm   1.5'

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