Daily Surf Report - 8/29/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day: 
"Search out your space, discover your solitude, and leave the turbulence of daily life behind." - Anonymous

Consistent swell staying in play and bringing out all the heavy hitters.  Ripping shortboarders, legendary loggers, retro hipsters, prone pipers and everyone in between.  Much more manageable, clean and rideable today but still has EPIC size for Bolinas and is breaking in spots yet un-named.  Be a hero in the making today by committing to the drop.  Speed to burn and turns a plenty can be the norm depending on your skill level and place in the pecking order.  Big swell spreads things out but lots of surfers in the water and parking is down to nil.  Tides are favorable throughout the day so call in sick to work and find your way to the beach NOW.  High overcast but relatively windless.  Temp 61F and we will have sun by noon-ish.  Grab your surfcraft of choice and jump in today.

CHANNEL:  Chest to head high lefts this morning that start deep in the Channel and remain at the Groin pole.  Not connectable but plenty of face to fly on at both spots.  Looks like Seadrift has cleaned up as well and is delivering rights to ride that have some size bigger than you are used to.   Expect plenty of paddling and the potential for injury and broken boards remains available as well.  Push limits but know limits as well.  Let the crystals guide as they always know best.

PATCH:  Starting in front of the boat ramp and moving north into the far reaches of the Patch there are waves to ride.  Low tide has things pushed out towards the Farallons and size is chest to shoulder high.  Loggers rejoice as this is the good stuff for your single-fin contraption and we don't see surf like this on a regular basis.  Keep it kool and keep it klassy out there today.

Respect the Beach


LOW:  8:03 am   1.4'

HIGH:  2:45 pm   5.5'

LOW:  8:44 pm   1.3'

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