Daily Surf Report - 9/20/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
“The earth has music for those who listen.” - George Santayana

Palpable energy and humidity off the charts.  Morning mist and calm conditions.  Peace and harmony rule the morning along with skunks, bats, bucks and vampires of the dawn patrol prowl.  Temp is 64F and sun is a mystery worth pondering.  S swell lingers and lulls around but still gives up a wave or two on its fading presence.  Worth a dip, as it always is.  Tides are good and surfing is on the menu today. 

CHANNEL:  Peaks worth poking at and small waves to ride today.  An UN-official meeting of fishing kayaks have joined the lineup and are making for interesting interactions.  Surfers however are lining up lefts to surf in the thigh high size with inconsistent results.  Incoming tide push helping out for now and waves are spread out a bit through the region and over towards Seadrift.  A total head count of 12 now with more contemplating the fishing vs. the surfing. 

PATCH:  Flowing robes, grace, eminence - overall a striking combo of factors shaping up in the Patch this morning.  Tropically warm water and glassy surfaces.  Well downtown and outside of most rocks is where the jams are.  Waist high rights with workable faces and long rides abundant for the single-fin aficionado.  S swell sets percolate then eventually pulse with chest high goodness from afar.  Inside waves shaping up with more water and some navigation is required as the rocks remain just covered up.  Mind your tootsies here and there but get a few racy waves to the beach while you are at it. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 3:48 am  0.7

HIGH: 10:41 am  5.1'

LOW: 4:02 pm  2.0'

HIGH: 10:04 pm  5.4'

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