Daily Surf Report - 9/21/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
If you carry joy in your heart, you can heal any moment.” - Carlos Santana

Everything is lingering here this morning as the clouds are still overhead and the swell is still showing remnants of its former self. Along with this also lingers the stunning beauty of the Bolinas Coast, as the horizon is clear and the hopes for sun are building and the wind is calm to the point of non-existence. Air temp is at 62F and swell is still pulsing in the thigh plus range in both spots. The tide is high already and still coming in, but the waves are here and crowds have already formed to take in the salty air and sea. Great day for beginners and veterans alike. Bring the family, bring your board, and see what the day has in store.

CHANNEL:  Small thigh high peaks are making their way through every now and then as lulls are to be expected with a dying south. A small focus group is congregating in front of the groin pole making things happen today. Seadrift has a few rights breaking, but as for now, it is probably not the call. Middle channel is silent this morning, but may pick up once the tide shifts a bit more. 

PATCH:   Near glassy conditions top off the waist high waves rolling in this morning. A large crowd of about 20 logs and 5 SUPs with one kayak are gliding and sliding from way outside the meeting rock to the inside Snags shorebreak. Not all waves are connecting, but post up on the inside or outside peak and you are bound to get waves. All rocks are covered right now and the tide is still coming in, but still be aware of what lurks below your board as less water this afternoon will re-expose those fiendish rocks.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 4:24 am  0.7'

HIGH: 11:10 am  5.2'

LOW: 4:40 pm  1.7'

HIGH: 10:47 pm  5.4'

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