Daily Surf Report - 9/27/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
With our love, we could save the world.” - George Harrison

Clear blue skies and golden sunshine grace us this morning with their presence. Calm conditions continue as this weekend gets going. Air temp is at a crisp 57F that is bound to heat up with not a breath of wind. Dwindling NW groundswell is trying it's best to make it's way in this morning as the tide is just starting to come back in. For all you weekend warriors, crystal creatures, and first time board riders, come on out and see whats in store as many a wave is coming through and plenty of stoke is to be had. 

CHANNEL: Consistent thigh high lefts are breaking in front of the groin pole as 4 logs and 1 SUP take turns getting their fair share of waves and pure stoke. Surface is a sheet of glass with only a small ripple from the incoming tide. Middle channel and Seadrift are not breaking as well yet, but can be expected to improve later this morning. No one is out over on that side of the channel, so be an explorer, be a leader, and find all the waves and glory over there if you so choose.  

PATCH:    Crystalline and glassy conditions as ankle to knee high rights peel through. No one out, but waves are to be had here as well on your larger watercraft. We may see some improvement later this morning once more water fills in. Perfect for beginners and veteran log riders alike. Be the first one out and enjoy the bliss of surfing a peak all to yourself... until the crowd arrives that is.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 2:16 am  4.8'

LOW: 7:31 am  2.0'

HIGH: 1:58 pm  5.7'

LOW: 8:16 pm  0.4' 

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