Daily Surf Report - 9/28/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:  
I think people should feel encouraged to be themselves” - Dave Grohl

Overcast coastal conditions with light S winds.  Temp balmy at 62F and blue patches starting to show through.  Fear not as the beach is the cure to all ills that ail.  Find the local anesthetic.  Use as directed.  Self medicate when needed.  Tamp down the excitement and take what is given to keep an even keel.  There is always stoke and aloha in the water.  Make it your mantra and pass it along.  Just local windswell and fading NW in the water this morning.  Enough to keep you jones-ing for more and a few worth riding as well.  Water still warm and tides are prescribed at the right height.  Bring it on and have some fun. 

CHANNEL:  Chop slop morning but starting to clean up a bit with the incoming tide.  Still a few smooth faces to consider and loggable in the very least.  Sunrise over the hills makes for a beautiful start of the day and riding waves is always better than not.  Waves arriving in the thigh high size and rights and lefts are available.  Trim and glide and seek the nose.  Nothing too fancy but a morning of fun with Southern Fried Saints Fans.  Seadrift has surfers and small rights as well.  Described as waist high and likely less. 

PATCH:    Small surf burgeoning on knee high.  Smoothness and radness to be witnessed if you are worthy.  Longboards will catch waves here today and the solitude is deafening right now.  Ask for nothing and be rewarded with plenty on all journeys into the ocean.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 3:07 am  4.6'

LOW: 8:09 am  2.3'

HIGH: 2:37 pm  5.7'

LOW: 9:05 pm  0.4' 

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