Daily Surf Report - 11/7/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
"The starting point of all achievement is desire." - Napoleon Hill

Low valley fog and high hills fog.  Lingering fog, misty fog, sporadic fog that retreats and advances.  Patches of sunshine to be momentarily witnessed only to be enveloped back into the depths.  Full moon morning always gets things charged up - especially the crystals.  Windless and comfy at 59F and likely to burn off the coastal overcast at some point in the day.  Marginal uptick in the swell activity with a NW windswell and very small background SW swell in play.  Again, high tides playing a role and reducing the beach to nil and swamping things out in general.  A few rollers to ride today and the early weekend crew is out in force to participate.  Find you secret peak in the fog and TGIF.
CHANNEL:  Pelican Party has taken flight and the ocean surface undulates and delivers some small surf this morning.  Rollers periodically breaking and maxing out at thigh high but enough push for longboards to be ridden.  Mali-Bo inside rights are working well on the incoming tide and reel along towards the inner Channel.  Groin pole lefts may appear momentarily and the lucky ones will peel a bit before fizzling out.  About 8 surfers and paddlers in the water now.  Afternoon tide suck out may deliver a better shaped wave but that remains to be seen later.

PATCH:  No beach and possibly worth the up and over hike out.  Inside rights have been seen to break or is it a mirage?  Not quite sure in the fog but verbal reports revealed potential for stand up surfing.  Size estimates run the gamut from ankle to thigh and all points between.  Calm and peaceful place to be and a wave to ride will only enhance the experience.  

Respect the Beach


LOW:  4:45 am  1.9'

HIGH:  11:02 am   6.5'

LOW:  5:36 pm   -0.9'


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