Daily Surf Report - 11/8/2014

Inspirational crystal quote of the day:   
"I'm grateful for always this moment, the now, no matter what form it takes." - Eckhart Tolle

Magnificent morning!  Full of unicorns and rainbows and crystals.  Crispy, clear and chill at 54F.  Already giving way to full sunshine and warmth.  Fall weather at its finest today.  Get up and out of bed.  Get outside and soak it up.  Find whatever tunes you in and follow that vibe today.  Full moon and fuller tides working against each other this morning.  NW swell and lingering S trying to form rideable waves but peaking water levels overwhelming the efforts.  Too much water and not enough swell seems to be the case.  Demand outweighing supply on this beautiful Saturday morning.  A few undulations worth a look and maybe a dip.  Small but glassy, smooth and micro-slider-ish.  Lots of foam levels the playing field today so bring something big to ride and sunscreen as well. 
CHANNEL:  Glassy and classy conditions and the only spot delivering a few waves this morning.   High tide pushing in and making Mali-Bo a viable option for waves with rights to ride and thigh high.  Outside the Groin pole a few smooth rollers delivering lefts in the knee to thigh range.  Some break and others roll right by then dissolve into the depths.  There are surfers out and surfers advancing on the region.  Not much beach but water only lightly lapping against the seawall at this time.  Make the dash and take the plunge.  Ride a wave and wear a smile.  Beware the big tide suck out during the afternoon and expect rips out to Stinson to be the norm. 

PATCH:  Nothing witnessed and nothing ridden.  Nothing ventured = Nothing gained.  No wave breaking here yet and high tide still pushing in and swamping the beach.  Might see a rare S pulse cause a wave to break but the Patch is empty now for a good reason.  Maybe a swim or paddle for exercise is the call today.

Respect the Beach


LOW:  5:31 am  2.2'

HIGH:  11:40 am   6.3'

LOW:  6:19 pm   -0.8'


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