Daily Surf Report - 1/2/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:
"Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." - Bil Keane

One day down and in the books.  Long haul ahead to see things through.  Fear not as the temp has creeped up to 40F with frosty patches and sunshine for everyone.  Splendid in many respects and a day to get out and take advantage of nature's gifts that are granted today.  No wind to ruffle the smooth ocean surface.  Horizontal as far as the eye can see.  An unbroken plane on which surfing is currently not possible.  Fantastic conditions for canoes, SUPs, kayaks, water rafts, pontoon boats and swimmers however.  Not even suitable for amateur surfers at this time.  A recumbent swell of no consequence is upon us this morning.  There are 364 more days to improve conditions.

CHANNEL:  A multitude of pelicans bobbing and weaving on unbroken surfaces.  No waves and no joy today.

PATCH:  El parche está muerto

Shaper meet and greet this Saturday, 1/3/2015 at 10am:
David Vernor, the man behind Vernor surfboards, will be in the shop  10am to 11am. This is a great opportunity to talk boards and design with a local shaper.  Come by to talk surf or browse the rack of in-stock boards. We have Mini Simmons, shortboards, hybrids, eggs, Mini-Mals, HP longboards and Classic Noseriders in the shop. Always hand-made from start to finish in Santa Cruz.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 8:59 AM   6.5'

LOW: 3:52 PM  -0.5'

HIGH: 10:54 PM  4.9'

WINTER HOURS are now in effect. 
We are open daily from 10am - 5pm from NOVEMBER through APRIL. 

Come out to rent if you need gear. We have a full selection of suits, boots, boards, and SUPs to rent every day and are only 522 steps to the beach.

Lots of NEW and USED boards are in the racks so come check it out. We have full wetsuits for men, women and kids.  Plenty of 3 and 5mm booties, hoods and gloves are in stock as well. If you are in need of a new suit or board now is a great time to shop. We have all the gear for your cold water surfing.