Daily Surf Report - 2/13/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:
"Freedom lies in being bold." - Robert Frost

Moon slivers and slight shivers as early morning temp is 52F.  Already warming again with NE breezes like hot breath on your neck.  Streaky skies are now clear and full of sunshine.  Get that vitamin D going for the rosy glow and nice pinkish hue.  NW swell has peaked and is delivering the goods.  Tide has peaked and maxed out so lots of water to move around.  It's on for surfing and the ride and glide club is out in full effect.  Grab your stick of choice and get it wet.  

CHANNEL: Still pulsing with life and fat rollers on the sets.  Wide troughs of water making for split peaks but not great shape.  A bit too much water with the high tide but the outgoing should clean and lean it up just fine.  Most action remains outside the Groin pole off the inner sandbar.  Size running waist to chest high and the Seadrift domain is experiencing rideable rights which has shortboards migrating that direction.  Still able to make some inner bar action work but not as shapely today as we had hoped.

PATCH:  Its over the hills and up the stairs, down the rocks, over the wall, along the ridge then down the bridge but worth the journey and effort to get there.  Supremely smooth and full of peaks.  The Patch is dealing out a nice hand today with outside full house waves that emerge in the chest high size and give nice walls on which to climb and drop.  High water levels make the inner connections quite possible as well.  Midway waves are fully flushed and racy with tip time opportunities and tightrope walking displays.  These waves are waist high and hit the inner bars at warp speed leading to jokers wild or one-eyed jacks.  Anyway you shuffle it there are fun waves to be had and longboarders are all enjoying the positive vibes administered here today.  

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 6:01 AM  5.7'

LOW: 1:02 PM  0.6' 

HIGH: 8:18 PM  4.0'

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