Daily Surf Report - 2/14/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:
"Love has no age, no limit; and no death." - John Galsworthy

Charming day as we celebrate the martyr, Saint Valentine. A good day to expose your soul and let the one you love know how important they are and how much better your world is with them in it.  A great day for wave cravers and wave slayers, wave lovers and sun worshipers, heart breakers and money makers.  A quiet and hushed morning with only chirping birds and the siren call of the ocean beckoning you to enter.  The draw is dynamic and irresistible and impairs your senses completely.  Still a bit of the W swell hanging around but returns are starting to diminish.  Like in life, nothing lasts forever.  Still a spectacular day to be at the beach and amongst the forming and fomenting crowds as they jockey for waves to love and ride.  Tide has recently peaked so high water levels keeping it a bit soft.  Sunny and 54F now and will warm dramatically. 

CHANNEL:  Improved from yesterday and waiting for the clean waves will pay off.  Smooth and thirsty lefts off the Groin bar have shape and holding power to make long rides and turns a plenty a reality.  Other waves are sectioned and patchy with areas that close out and less workable lines.  Size ranges up to waist / chest with the higher tide.  Outgoing tide should accelerate things a bit and cause some throttling up in shape and energy.  Outside deeper peaks are good for longboards and the inner waves are ripe for eggs and Simmons.  Find the wave of your dreams and the love of your life here today.

PATCH:  Remains smooth and peaky with the tide just past full.  All rocks are covered so use the boils as your guide to the area.  Still an adventurous journey to reach but outgoing tide will make regular walking access possible later.   Now waves are waist high and glideable on the outside.  Logs and SUPs are battling for supremacy and graceful lines are being drawn by the victors.  Inside peaks still are racy just lacking the full power punch of days past.  Enough water covers the toothy Snags so set you sights on the horizon and drop in with abandon.   It is love at first sight here today and should have waves to ride all day.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 7:00 AM  5.9'

LOW: 1:57 PM  0.1' 

HIGH: 9:12 PM  4.4'

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