Daily Surf Report - 3/27/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Everything you can imagine is real." - Pablo Picasso

A grey mist and associated fog hangs overhead this morning.  Tamping down the wind and keeping ocean surfaces glassy and welcoming.  No sun at this time but likely will make an appearance.  Temp is pleasant at 53F and all signs point positively for a day of surf. NW windswell lingers while the SW swell grows and travels up the coast.  Pulsing and peaking with the early morning high tide.  The vampire crew scores and dawn patrollers as well.  Use your third eye to see things more clearly and wipe away all negativity from your surroundings today.  

CHANNEL:  Water levels are perfect and the combo swells are breaking off surf in the thigh to waist high size with mostly Groin bar lefts and the occasional Channel right.  The mid-length and shortboard sect is on it early but energy mostly lacking for smaller boards so far.  Longboards will succeed where others fail and rides to the sand are within grasp.  

PATCH:   Seething swell as the new SW begins to pop off peaks on the outside.  Size has growing potential and was measured on the PMouse scale at chest high with consistency at waist +.  Glassy ocean and all the components for a surf day are in play now.  A notable absence of hand held paddles leaves the lineup logger dominated and spread out.  Midway peaks reel off through the Snags and fly towards the shore.  Stylistic surfing has been observed through the mist and open faces with connections are the norm.   

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 5:44 AM   5.2' 

LOW: 12:44 PM   0.4'

HIGH: 8:06 PM   4.5'

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