Daily Surf Report - 3/28/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"I accept that there may be things far grander and more incomprehensible than we can possibly imagine." - Richard Dawkins

Now sun / no wind / 52F and a grandiose day begins.  All the ingredients are in place for an EPIC beach adventure. Earlier headlamps beamed while the star-lite collective dodged bats and spiders to reap early rewards and set the tone for the morning.  New long period SW swell continues to fill and hold steady today.  Still a touch of NW in the water as well to keep things honest and working in both spots.  Frothing surfers are multiplying exponentially like bacteria as parking dwindles and lineups swell in size.  Peaking tide gives lots of water to move around and beach access remains at all locations.  Let the pull of the ocean guide you today and be your mentor in all aquatic activities.  

CHANNEL:  The combo swells are working yet not aligned for perfection.  Still a decent amount of surf in the waist high size to push limits and set new goals.  Mainly lefts off the Groin bar and over towards the boat ramp show the most shape and promise.  Sectioned here and there but still a thick lineup of mixed water craft from SUPs to fish and everything in between.  Seadrift rights showing some spray and blowback causing an exploration posse to seek the goods across the Channel.  Plenty for everyone and some extra as well.

PATCH:   Smooth and consistent even in the dark.  High water levels has everyone spread out and all boulders beneath.  Size grows towards chest + with waist high or better being the norm rather than the exception today.  Pulsing with peaks and high probability of multiple long rides.  Outside past the meeting rock has a crew of loggers waiting for the sets to arrive.  Lefts and rights off this wave have nice drops but also a flat spot that causes rapid speed loss.  Midway is where the hot-curl action is with pitching rollers that hold form, shape and speed as they blaze along to the shore.   Easy to get your fill and a bunch more as well.  The lineup is thick as thieves and expected to become enhanced throughout the day. 

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 6:53 AM   5.0' 

LOW: 1:49 PM   0.5'

HIGH: 9:05 PM   4.7'

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