Daily Surf Report - 4/10/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Attitude determines the altitude of life." - Edwin Louis Cole

A preternatural calm is most apparent and the sound of nothing reverberates loudly this wonderful morning.  A sky full of sun and temp at 47F portents positivity and peace today.  Light winds, low tide and minor swell activity have things clamped down tight and surfable waves come at a premium so far.  For now land-based activities may yield more enjoyment than aquatic but as time passes and the tide fills in keep hope alive for improvement of all noted facets.

CHANNEL:  Tide continues to drop and expose beach for walks and sandbars as well.  Lack of swell and no water makes for no waves to ride at this time.  This is not stopping the few stalwart shortboarders in front of the boat ramp trying valiantly to will themselves into ankle slapping shore dumpers - with little success.  Seadrift has more water and slightly better waves if the Channel remains on your To Do list today.  Not much better but size of wave may actually reach knee high - or less.  Time and tide are needed to get this spot close to working.   

PATCH:  The way way way outside crew has secured the set waves breaking and dominant at knee high heights.  Those with and without paddles are to be witnessed riding small rights upon low water but getting waves despite the conditions.  One can only surmise that more water will be beneficial here but that will take hours as tide still heads low.   Lower expectations then exceed them today by taking a chance on the Patch.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 10:30 AM  0.0'

HIGH: 5:57 PM  4.1'

LOW: 10:36 PM  2.8'

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