Daily Surf Report - 4/11/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"It is neither wealth nor splendor; but tranquility and occupation which give you happiness." - Thomas Jefferson

A declaration of tranquility and calculated calm as we enter the early morning realm here in W Marin.  Clear skies beckon and sunshine responds in all its splendor.  Crispy now at 47F and should rise nicely to mid-warm levels.  A dose of mid period NW swell and dare I say a touch of S in the water today giving everyone something on which to slide.  Full of potential yet lacking in water currently.  Imminent deterioration is probable as tide continues low yet afternoon positive tide shall allow for more expressive ocean conditions.

CHANNEL:  Dropping tide but still enough water remains to eek out a few shallow rides.  There are small lefts and rights off the Groin bar and near the boat ramp that will hold shape but lack size.  Knee / thigh high slappers can be surfed here currently  but may soon disappear as water levels drop to zero shortly.  A bit more swell today gives one pause to consider and contemplate.  Some take the plunge while others wall watch.  Seadrift likes the current atmospheric conditions and is making the most with thigh high rights just a short paddle across the Channel. 

PATCH:  Resuscitated with a dose of S swell medicine.  Distributing smooth and fun sized surf that has a congregation of loggers posting up out past the meeting rock.  Size approaching waist high or better as water levels still cover rocks.  The mid-way right will yield long cruising rides which may require proper navigational skills when approaching the inside Snags.  It is all good this morning and still has a few hours left before the water vanishes.  Tide pools will be on the agenda shortly but for now a surfboard ride or two should start your day. 

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 3:45 AM  5.2'

LOW: 11:33 AM  0.1'

HIGH: 7:07 PM  4.2'

LOW: 11:59 PM  2.8'

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