Daily Surf Report - 4/16/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"If you care enough for a result, you will most certainly attain it." - William James

The tempests blow with certain fury this morning yet bring with them the warm breath of foreign lands.  The thermometer reads a robust 62F though with dust in my eyes I may be deceived.  There is a significant NW swell mix on the buoys and a touch of S energy to combo nicely today.  There are offerings amongst the gales to be sampled and ridden but hold tightly to your board as if a dear loved one today. 

CHANNEL:  Ruffled and rippled surfaces yet not whitecapped as in days past.  An incoming tide will play nicely with sheltered areas and I've got Mali-Bo on my mind for a fishing expedition.  For now the region is full of surf casters looking for dinner and small Groin bar lefts wind whipped and frothy at thigh high in size.  Out front has waves of consequence and a bit more size with waist high or better ledges rearing up to allow for drops and a turn or two? A crew back from Seadrift reports success and also that the world is flat. 

PATCH:  The Patch holds a few treasures for the patient and earnest.  With a clear mind and solid heart you will find the rides pure and suited to logs of the single-fin variety.  Inside rights hold the most allure and have waist high + capacity and yards of open real estate on which to unfurl.  The incoming tide adds more aquatic resources to the mix yet if the winds don't relent the shapes may take on a tragic persona.  Now it the time.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 10:32 AM  5.4'

LOW: 4:17 PM   0.2'

HIGH: 10:58 PM   6.0'

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