Daily Surf Report - 4/17/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad." - Aldous Huxley

Confounding components greet the day as new NW swell of consequence settles in and pulses.  Calm, foggy and serene morning with temps at 52F.  Smooth ocean surface as winds have diminished and puff lightly - if at all.  Low tides keeping things tamped down a bit as more water will be needed for the swell to strut its stuff.  The anticipation is electric and the parking is already thin to none as tea leaf readers consult the cosmics for answers to their burning questions.  There is and shall be surf today and you will have your choice of all spots which are breaking in earnest although not great heights this morning.  

CHANNEL:  The boat ramp ramps are delivering lefts for style-masters and toe-tappers with rights for rippers as the heights reach waist high and the destination is unknown.  Still holding form here with short rides but slides to be had in general.  Over in the Channel the incoming tide begins to shift focus from the Groin bar lefts to rights migrating in towards Mali-Bo.  Size shows waist high potential with a few grower waves heading right in direction.   Seadrift likes the steep angle and can handle low water levels so might be worth a quick peek as well.  More water will surely add excitement to the day.

PATCH:  Even with the low water levels waves are percolating through and popping well outside the meeting rock.  Smooth and relatively sizable with waist / chest high waves for the set seeking few.  Inside at the Middle region are more consistent peaks with smooth offerings and meandering rides worth taking.  The Snags may entice but remember the rocks below and give it more time and tide before attempting to conquer.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 4:58 AM   -0.1'

HIGH: 11:30 AM  5.4'

LOW: 5:03 PM   0.5'

HIGH: 11:37 PM   6.2'

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