Daily Surf Report - 4/23/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Space is an inspirational concept that allows you to dream big." - Peter Diamandis

Foggy times and SW winds making a concerted effort to thwart sliding activities this morning.  Though a determined sun is fighting through, temps remain chill at 45F. A proper NW swell is active with subliminal S swell activity lingering about.  The low water levels and moderate winds are keeping the lid on potential surf conditions currently.  Exposed sand and rocks give glimpses as to what lies beneath but what needs to roll over is lacking in most respects today.  The incoming tide gives hope for a brighter future and a keen eye on the horizon may just allow you to lay claim to the golden prize. 

CHANNEL:  Only out in front of the boat ramp do we observe any peak worth pursuing.  Small lefts are breaking off in the shallows but are allowing for a drop / turn / run that quickly evaporates.  This wave has thigh high aspirations but seems settled in at the knee.  The Channel and Groin are lacking in water and therefore turned OFF for now.  A diabolical brew sampled by few.  Dimpled water surfaces from moderate winds has this area thinly populated this morning.  Afternoon has potential but approach with caution and optimism only.  

PATCH:  Well outside past the meeting exposed meeting rock the ocean is yielding to the S swell pulses and delivering waves, for surfers, to ride.  Size is realized at waist high and distances traveled are less than ideal.  Distant hoots of satisfaction or bellows of frustration echo in the cliffs as rides and falls are observed and noted.  Much more water is needed to make this spot more palatable but for the hungry few there are waves worth contemplating. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 9:53 AM   -0.4'

HIGH: 5:18 PM   4.5'

LOW: 10:14 PM  2.6'

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