Daily Surf Report - 4/24/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains!" - John Muir

A welcoming and determined sun has fought through to shine early rays upon a day filled with hope and positivity.  Less wind and a morning temp of 52F brings an upwelling of emotion as the pre-weekend festivities get started.  The hearty NW swell has faded but is being replaced by a modest SW swell of long period.  Again, low water levels are a limiting factor this morning so consult you tide books and tea leaves for proper planning and preparation.  There will be waves worth riding today - the question is when?

CHANNEL:  The left in front of the boat ramp is holding court today with size restraints going upwards of thigh high and form and shape a bonus.  Longer rides are available and offered for longboards here today but act quickly as water levels continue to drain through the mid morning.  The Channel and Groin proper need more water and time to realize their true selves as currently sand islands are exposed and choppy ankle slappers abound.  The incoming tide push will generate the necessary flow and appropriate hordes as well.  Seek refuge and solace at Seadrift if you dare to take the journey. 

PATCH:  The SW swell pulses are best felt out past the meeting rock which is being exposed more and more as the tide evaporates.  The current yield is short lived yet the middle section reformulates and configures the ocean energy into slideable rights that can be worked for distances far and wide.  Size levels out at just below waist high.  Soon the exposed rocks will win the battle and funnel the crowd into a confined space but for now it is an open field to work with - just on the smaller side of things wave wise.  

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 4:00 AM   5.1'

LOW: 10:52 AM   -0.1'

HIGH: 6:24 PM   4.5'

LOW: 11:30 PM  2.6'

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