Daily Surf Report - 5/4/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"I don't labor over my efforts. I want to get freedom in the line." - Ellsworth Kelly

As has been observed all weekend, a fine mist continues to fall and a dampness in currently on Occupy status in the village. Though morning temps hang at the temperate 50 degrees, do not expect much warmer condition than are found currently. The water  has a unique mix of offerings, as the first bits of the SSW and a wind-propelled NW continue to mix as though GrandMaster Flash was on the wheels of steel. Upon first observation, it appears as a veritable play-land, until closer analysis reveals low-tide mirages and a wealth of forms on every type of floatation device. There is reason to be in the water, or on the way, but be vigilant, and do not let one's excitement at the promise of the "incoming south" cloud one's judgement or mask one's true abilities.

CHANNEL:  In every direction one observes forms heading towards the shore, though on rollers of questionable quality. Far outside holds shape the longest, although with current low tide, it will require strong triceps and an unflappable constitution to arrive. Inside the bar shows form of much steeper angles than are customary, but they are immediately placed in a markdown bin for closeout pricing. Directly out from the ramp has legitimate potential as day moves on, and the entirety of the vectors will benefit from more water, until they don't.

PATCH:  It's a 2-hour "Rock-N-Jock" special this morning, brought to you with limited commercial interruptions by very low tide. More than two dozen sliders, loggers, and tribesman are on the lookout and poised to strike. A solid left is seen in the grey distance, and many are attempting to make due with smaller offerings closer to shore. Be aware of fin and foot if you choose to join them. Again, as morning becomes afternoon, conditions should remain solid, if not epic, and we practice a puzzling combination of furious study and rumor-mongering. Get here and get in, for today is now and slides are on tap.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 6:28 AM -0.4'

HIGH: 1:22 PM 4.5'

LOW: 6:16 PM 2.0'

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