Daily Surf Report - 5/5/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"No amount of mental prejudice can prevent the eye from passing a firm judgement on two patches of tone placed in immediate juxtaposition." - John Collier

The sun does shine down on what seems like the first clear morning in many moons, as the mercury is already ascending towards the mid-day high of 65 perfect degrees. A mere reminder of a breeze currently, as if a whisper, but a whisper that will begin to scream as the hours pass, so be mindful. Though there seemed much disappointment in the land yesterday, that somehow our forlorn break did not approach levels of epic and stoke rarely found, it appears that those with a more reasonable outlook are enjoying ample parking and big smiles. As always, make the most of all the resources available to you, as conditions are always malleable, and the only constant is change.

CHANNEL:   Only the lines of the fisherman's son are observed bobbing in the micro-shapes of ye olde channel this morn. Small whitecaps with little shape and even less push are in effect as of now. A small plate of offerings may be delivered by the tidal push, but expect less than 5-star service and a red-faced Yelp review of the slides on the menu.

PATCH:  To start, let me be clear. The Patch is making a half-dozen sliders very happy this morning, as inside is providing lengthy rides and slides to all logs and eggs. That stated, do NOT expect overhead and photographers on the overlook. Solid conditions prevail currently, and should hold until the NW wind swell makes it's fury known by late afternoon. There are many who feel as though the bait-and-switch has been the prevailing paradigm over the last few days, and to a degree that's understandable. But know this, my friends, even the car with less cosmetic appeal can get you to places of stoke. Pack a PMA and make the most of it.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 7:03 AM  -0.6'

HIGH: 2:07 PM   4.4'

LOW: 6:52PM   2.2'

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