Daily Surf Report - 5/7/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"There are no secrets that time does not reveal." - Jean Racine

Early morning goodness as sunshine is rampant and winds are just a memory.  Chipper at 53F but expect warmth to be the norm and push the upper coastal limits.  Still S swell remainders showing and a fairly solid NW windswell to provide you with the impetus to slide.  Timing and alignment are the key to success in both life and finding shapes to ride upon today.  Water levels are the current issue upon the table.  Breezes may come into play as the day progresses. 

CHANNEL:   Though a stalwart crew has just emerged from this area we gaze upon much of nothing as the clock may have struck twelve and the dash home is in effect.  Nonetheless there are a nary few knee high lefts masquerading as waves just off the Groin bar that have enticed and new crop of surfers to attempt.  Determined efforts are being made to find a Golden Ticket.  Reality states there is just not enough water as current tidal level remain below zero.  Ankle slappers and shin whappers materialize at the boat ramp but power levels need recharging before making this a good call. 

PATCH:  Though waves can be found in this region the battle will likely be won by the exposed rocks and negative tide.  S swell still pulsing out last gasps of energy before retiring for the day.  Outside peaks pop and froth with thigh high levels of foam indignities.  The inside calm will be broken by reformatting the undulations into glassy rollers that lack size and power yet still seem to have the fortitude to propel the longest of logs forward at cruise-matic speeds.   Hours must pass before aquatic levels reach optimum so now may be a time for quiet contemplation and inner soul searching. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 8:24 AM  -0.8'

HIGH: 3:45 PM   4.4'

LOW: 8:21 PM   2.6'

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