Daily Surf Report - 5/8/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Do something wonderful, people may imitate it." -Albert Schweitzer

Fading swells from all directions coupled with a side of Westerly winds are on the menu this morning.  Mixed atmosphere showing signs of overcast, fog and patches of blue sky and an engaging temp of 54F.  Tides still heading low and reaching below sea level  have things shut down at the moment.  The cupboards are currently bare of essential ingredients to make this morning's fare palatable.  Find a positive place upon which to practice mindfulness then return to the beach to find a more suitable alignment of nature's vectors. 

CHANNEL:   Today has no water upon which waves can break or boards can be paddled.  Dog walkers dominate the sand expanses and pups of all varieties are sharing much stoke and camaraderie.  What is showing in the ocean is textured by winds and ankle high with regularity.  I can only offer you solace and prayer for the Channel at this moment.  Tide change and fill in will take hours so use the time wisely to make a positive impact elsewhere this morning. 

PATCH:  Jousters well outside seem to be fighting a mighty paddle battle amongst themselves and the elements.  Much furious splashing and thrashing has been observed and a few S swell sputters of waves as well.  Very low tide making things overall a maelstrom  of exposed rocks and less than small waves.  The inside Snags section still delivering knee high + rights that will break over sand and offer a surfing experience today.  Small but holding form with short rides that are better than no slides at all. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 9:12 AM  -0.7'

HIGH: 4:39 PM   4.4'

LOW: 9:20 PM   2.7'

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