Daily Surf Report - 6/26/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Better three hours too soon than a minute too late." - William Shakespeare

A hovering and heavy fog descends and envelopes.  Twisting and swirling upon a landscape of broken dreams and dashed aspirations.  A palpable calm invades as light SW winds put a texture upon aquatic surfaces and a chill in our hearts with current temp at 56F.  As ocean energy eases those seeking slides of solace must balance supply v. demand as shapes with form are hidden from view.  A tidal push may just provide the impetus to don neoprene and those upon the wall will need to look inward to tip scales in their favor this morning.  

CHANNEL: Turbid times as competition from fading swells react unfavorably to today's beginning.   A seasoned discernment may find a corner or slice upon which mind-surfing will be best exemplified.  The early brave have found the prize and are wallowing in the goodness as allowed.  Sectioned / chopped / less than triumphant waves are the reward today and size will hoist to thigh high feats.  Come locked and loaded but beware what truth you may discover. 

PATCH:  A spirited breeze has the Patch in the doldrums as S swell verve dissolves and retreats.  Shielded eyes view with disdain as the picture is not pretty and the reality less so indeed.  Wily veterans may reap from what they sow but the slides will be tempered with true knowledge that the end is near.  Solitary and miniscule rights will appear and for those with patience, will provide.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 8:34 AM  3.5'

LOW: 1:32 PM  2.0'

HIGH: 8:16 PM  5.6'

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