Daily Surf Reports - 6/27/2015

Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:   
"Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings." - Salvador Dali

A conflicted morning as the summer weekend bodes and temps soar inland.  Coastal relief mandatory but what activities to undertake?  Continued light SW winds and miniscule swell serving up the slop today with current fare not up to most surfers liking.  Lookers / Lurkers / Lingerers are giving Mother Ocean the hard eye like she owes them money.  Fate may hang in the balance but a dip in the water usually cures all ailments.  Sun will and has been playing hide and seek so wear sunscreen and bring a heavy fleece.  Experience all that nature has to offer today and remember to leave no trace beyond lingering memories.

CHANNEL: Transitional outcomes as NW windswell battles with small scale and faint S swell to create much of nothing.  Moderate high tide pushing in relates to a very mild level change not conducive to exceptional results.  An UN-encumbered playing field awaits those with the fortitude to make a leap.  As best witnessed and determined - any and all boards will work poorly in the current slide options as size and energy remain sub-optimal.

PATCH:  A worthy option considering the choices as potential and possibility will count for partial credit.  Fill out your application and apply all efforts here with spirited hopes for positive results.  A salient inside right seems to have been overlooked by those heading to depths and destinations far beyond the field of view.  Take a wide perspective and harvest what the earth gives in all aspects of life.  Expect less / Receive more and enjoy that which comes your way. 

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 9:46 AM  3.7'

LOW: 2:23 PM  2.3'

HIGH: 8:56 PM  5.8'

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