Daily Surf Report - 7/8/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"Perhaps all human interaction is about wanting and getting." - David Mitchell

We begin this day like so many others in the village, with a fine mist that feels like a baptism and a heavy grey fog. A muggy 61 degrees, with intentions of rising only slightly. The zephyrs are calm currently, but look to have other plans for the afternoon. The time for enlightenment will rely on the volume and power of the tides, so take heed brothers and sisters, and know that the need is immediate and distant, all at once.

CHANNEL: A morning where Malibu dreams are seemingly confused with Mali-Bo realities. A first glance upon the seas may fill one's soul with all sorts of possibilities, until the shapes upon the sea reveal their true nature, which is all over but the shouting, and all over now, baby blue. Selling to the bare walls, all items on closeout. Though a noble group of swashbucklers are gaining slides, the duration hardly seems worth the effort. Though worth close study, do not hang your hopes here, friends.

PATCH: The souls with eyes on the Patch will need to bring strong shoulders and a strong constitution this fine morn, as the shadows you seek are on a far horizon. Well past the usual areas of stoke, slides of some consequence are being had. Waist-plus, though inconsistent, the trained and watchful eye is digging for gold, and finding nuggets worth bringing on home. The time is now, or much later, as the waters are already beginning to recede even at this early hour.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 5:15 AM  4.5'

LOW: 11:05 AM 0.7'

HIGH: 6:08 PM 6.0'

SUMMER HOURS are now in effect. 
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