Daily Surf Report - 7/9/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"Chaos is inherent in all compounded things. Strive on with diligence." - Buddha

Perma-drizzle as we kick off a balmy day in the hamlet by the sea.  Humid and moist with 62F on the radar.  Attempts at sun and warmth will take a determined effort and remain a mystery to unravel.  A calm and glassy ocean invites and is awaken with the promise of energy from far off destinations.  Composite swells align and complement bringing out slides for all and those with true hearts.

CHANNEL:  An organized and efficient bump in the water spinning glassy cylinders off into the mist.  Smooth lefts off reformulated Channel bars have log riders seeking sleek slides that reveal all the shape a foggy morning can deliver.  Past peak high tide has Mali-Bo on hold but the Groin bar churns while the Channel burns.  Seadrift efforts will not go un-rewarded as rights with purpose have been discovered and unveiled.  A pod of 6 are feeling fine here with smiles for miles.

PATCH:  Deep destinations will yield the bigger waves as well outside shows signs of a true S swell in the water.  Better waves may actually reside inside as with a full tide and all rocks covered the rollers can strut and slink along the craggy bottom.  Strike now while the ocean is full as receding waters will take with it the shape and strength we all so desire.  Bring your big board and high hopes - you will reveal you true self today. 

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 6:40 AM   4.1'

LOW: 12:04 PM  1.2'

HIGH: 7:00 PM  6.2'

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