Daily Surf Report - 7/10/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"Leap, and the net will appear." - John Burroughs

Freaky and frisky as real rain falls, winds remain light and SW swell peaks and pumps.  Combo this with fading NW swell and the town buzzes with frenzied surfers jonesing to hit the water on all manner of aquatic craft.  Consistent and crafted surf is upon us and tides have favorable and positive dimensions throughout the day.  Parking is already nil and lineups grow thick with humanity.  Keep your egos checked and your thoughts pure as you relish in the goodness that has descended upon us today.  

CHANNEL:  Sizzling slides as sandbars are primed and charged for greatness.  Tenacious lefts that loop and bend towards a tubular finish.  Rights that roam and range into deeper waters before fading off.  Inside sections that can be connected and compartmentalized into rejuvenated waves.  Enough for all and something for everyone here today.  Size is up and approaching shoulder high or dare I say almost head range? The gravitational pull is luring many this direction and for good reason as most all boards will work well today. 

PATCH:  Outside Patch is where the daring and determined flock.  Worth the wait for SW swell pulses which can pour out peaks up to chest high or better.  Rearing up then pulling back but allowing for smooth drops and long rights departing from Neptune's Cave.  Midway and inside domains are chock full of water and show signs of rollicking rollers which are diminished in size yet have more form and delicious sweep.   Fear not the rocks today as they shall remain covered and at rest.  Let it all hang out and push past your fears and limits - if you dare.

Respect the Beach


HIGH: 8:08 AM   4.1'

LOW: 1:05 PM  1.7'

HIGH: 7:52 PM  6.3'

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