Daily Surf Report - 10/10/2015

Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty." - Bob Marley 

Arise and wish feliz cumpleanos to ripper JDog hitting the big 5 and celebrating with carves and slashes and shop employee Toby in at the little 5 and barking brilliantly.  Shrouded in mystery, darkness and fog the dawn is destroyed by beaming headlights and automotive exhaust.  Shattered serenity but also cause for celebration as new swell pulses have things firing on all cylinders.  Double stuffed and triple parked in the wee hours as all aquatic flotation devices are hitting the water today in search of the golden ticket.  Sun beginning to break its way through and temps already dank at 64F.  Expect heat, crowds and general nonsense behavior though the foreseeable future. 

CHANNEL: Set bars and SW / NW swell in for a visit has all hands on deck with the lineup teeming with tomfoolery and shortboards.  Give a wide berth to those aged wonders still ripping and show respect at all times.  A tickle of off shore breeze keeps the grooming in place and some hollowed out left pits will hold shape along the inner Groin sand.  Will soften up soon with incoming tide but swell is here to stay for a little while so get it while you can. 

PATCH: Hefty and sometimes heaving yet wonky with bumps and bobbles.  Rising tide has water teetering on the brink with outside bombs luring the majority of the fray including the haircut crew.  Marginal middles with more shape though less speed than expected.  Occasionally serving up something con sabor that you can really sink your teeth into.  All boards are working yet logs will still score best. 

Respect the Beach


LOW: 4:25 AM  1.0'

HIGH: 11:05 AM  5.5'

LOW: 4:55 PM  1.1'

HIGH: 11:13 PM  5.1'

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