Daily Surf Report - 10/9/2015


Inspirational Quote Of The Day:   
"I fear no man, no beast or evil, brother." - Hulk Hogan

Bright and cheerful morning as fog dissolves and orange streaked skies welcome a day settling in to be one of upbeat proposals.  Though temps start at 55F a high pressure system is upon us and will make for relative warmth and sunshine through the weekend.  Overlapping swells of moderate depth but increasing fetch are journeying forth to bring you waves of consequence and intriguing developments.  A tingling in the core can already be felt as surfers beeline to the break of their choice and directional decisions become easy. Pursue your dreams in all their splendor today as slides can and will be had for anyone seeking pure joy.

CHANNEL: A bending band of aqua is consistently rising and articulating left for longest journeys.  A touch of texture but winds are off and bumps remain minimal in the early hours.  With rising tides the Mali-Bo bar begins to cast shadows over inside rights and delineate the clans' destination.  Likely to get swamped out by late morning pinnacle tide but the ebbs and flows will allow for dips throughout.

PATCH: Flowing brine with form and function is upon the fair Patch today.  Possibly being overlooked in the mad dash to the southern cousin but is cause for pause and carefully deliberation.  Inner range rights have volume and increasing spatial awareness as water additions are keeping it real today.

Respect the Beach


LOW: 3:49 AM  0.8'

HIGH: 10:36 AM  5.4'

LOW: 4:18 PM  1.4'

HIGH: 10:29 PM  5.2'

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